Who We Serve

The women we serve are the most impoverished demographic in Kaufman County. In our county, 14% of residents live below the poverty line and the great majority of them are female.  All of the women in our program have experienced trauma – many have been raped, exploited and abused. They turned to drugs to dull the pain, only to find themselves in a darker place with dangerous people, and no way out.

Without our support, many of the women in the Kaufman County jail will return to lives of crime, drug abuse and despair upon their release because they have nowhere else to go.

Women like Ginger, who was given her first line of meth at age 11.

Ginger spent 33 years addicted to drugs. She made many attempts to get clean for her kids and for herself, and they worked for a while, but none of them stuck.  “I’ve lost everything, from my kids to my dog, more than once,” she said.

At the time of her last arrest, she lived in a truck with her boyfriend.  “We were living every day to get high,” Ginger said. She received an invitation to join The Purpose Project while she was in the Kaufman County jail – and the opportunity changed her life.  “It’s amazing, all the things I’ve learned,” said Ginger.  “It’s amazing how much I’ve changed.”

The Purpose Project taught Ginger to

  • Deal with stress and anxiety without turning to drugs
  • Recognize signs of danger
  • Create a plan to resist temptations
  • Stand by her commitments
  • Love and protect herself

Thanks to The Purpose Project, Ginger had a job lined up upon her release.  She has health, stability, and tremendous optimism.  “The second I walked out of jail, I wasn’t alone,” she said.  “I’ve learned how to redefine my future, and I think I can do anything now.”