Who We Are

The Purpose Project was founded by Jennifer Roberts, who knows what it’s like to suffer under the weight of addiction, abuse and exploitation.  She also knows there is hope for recovery and redemption.

Jennifer began using drugs at age 19 to cope with the pain of a troubled childhood and the death of her father. She became trapped in a world of drugs, abuse and exploitation, with no escape in sight. She kept returning to an abusive relationship because she didn’t know how to find her way out.  “The person I had become was someone I didn’t recognize,” Jennifer said.

Her rescue came in the form of federal agents, who arrested her for drug conspiracy charges.   She was sentenced to three years in federal prison, while she was pregnant with her first child.  Her son was delivered in prison, and taken away from her after three months.

Jennifer was determined to use her time in prison to define her future – for herself and her new family.  She enrolled in a drug recovery program, and discovered for the first time that she was in charge.  “I learned there was another way, that I was in control of my life,” Jennifer said.  She found true long-term recovery from her years of drug abuse, and found the direction and purpose that had been missing from her life.

Today she’s a devoted wife, mom, and community leader whose mission is to give other women the chance to claim their lives for themselves through The Purpose Project. She wants to give other women the opportunity to use their time in jail to achieve recovery and stop the revolving door of drug abuse and arrests. “I wanted to be that chance for other girls,” she said. “Allow them to use that time to learn who they are, and find their purpose.” 

Jennifer changed her life and wants to give other women the chance to change theirs.

The team at The Purpose Project work tirelessly to help the at-risk women of Kaufman County make a fresh start. 

To cope with their pasts. To plan for their futures. To give their children the lives they deserve.

But we can’t do it alone. 

Support The Purpose Project as we work to:

  • Reduce crime, homelessness and exploitation in Kaufman County
  • Lessen the burden on our law enforcement community
  • Help our most vulnerable women find a new path

Donate to The Purpose Project today and make a difference in our community. All donations are tax-deductible and will be used to help women find sobriety, stability and hope. 

Our Board of Directors

Polly Adams, LCSW-S, LMFT-S

Board President

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Brandon Diviney, CPA

Board Treasurer/Financial Officer

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Bethany Thomas

Board Vice President/Secretary

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Randy Wade

Board Member

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Kari Rough

Board Member

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Tara Bachtel

Board Member

Served on the board since October 2017Continue reading