The Purpose Project helps women:

  • Own their stories with honesty, by accepting their pasts and building futures with purpose
  • Escape the poverty that perpetuates the cycle of addiction and crime
  • Find the stability that is needed to start a new life

What You Can Do

We can't do it alone! Support women who are finding a new path in life.

What We Do

The Purpose Project helps women who are incarcerated learn to conquer their addictions and turn their lives around. We teach them to find peace in sobriety, accept their pasts, and create purposeful lives. 

The Purpose Project serves women in the Kaufman County jail, and removes barriers to long-term success by helping them find housing, employment, and necessary services upon their release to reduce their chances of relapse and return to jail. We guide them as they become the happy, healthy, productive people they were meant to be.

The Purpose House

Providing a safe and supportive living environment for women in recovery.

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Why We Do It

The drug epidemic in the U.S. has reached staggering proportions, and our community is not immune. Nearly a third of the felony offenders in Kaufman County are jailed for possessing illegal drugs.

Drug addiction affects our neighbors, our families, and our friends.  Our law enforcement community strains under the weight of drug-related crime.  Our social services deal with increasing demand from families that need support.  Our teachers face children suffering from hunger and neglect.

We spend millions prosecuting drug-related crime and jailing offenders, but without treatment or support, a drug-addicted woman’s return to jail is almost guaranteed.